Curriculum Vitae

Gaétan LAURE
Engineer in Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Computer Vision
Education Highlights

2012 - 2015

Master’s Degree in Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Signal Processing
ENS Cachan and ISAE Supaéro, France

SUPAERO_RVB-2014/2015: ISAE (Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace), specializing in Embedded Systems, and Signal/Image Processing. Toulouse, France.

ENS Rennes-2012/2013: École Normale Supérieure de Rennes (a highly ranked Research College in France) in the field of Mechatronics (dual Masters in Mechanics and Electronics). Rennes, France.

2011 - 2014

Engineering Master’s Degree
Grenoble INP – PHELMA, France

Grenoble_INP_-_Phelma_(logo).svg 3rd year, specializing in Signal, Image, Communication and Multimedia. 2nd year in substitution at ENS Cachan. Noticeable course projects: programming on GPU (Nvidia cards), DSP and microcontroller; programming in C/C++ and VHDL. Grenoble, France.

2008 - 2011

Undergraduate Courses
Centre International de Valbonne, France.
Specific scientific undergraduate courses to prepare for the highly competitive admission exams to top French Engineering School. Centre International de Valbonne, France.

2017 - 2018 (~1,5 year)

Flying Eye / Azur Drones
Mecatronical Engeneer. Sophia Antipolis, France.

Logo_Azur_Drones Designing the Inspector X4, a quadcopter for infrastructure inspection. It features a full frame sensor (Sony Alpha 7R) and weigh less than 2 Kg. The gimbal is designed to orient the camera upward without seeing the propellers, and being able to take photos from under the infrastructure. Designing the Power Riser, a tethered drone power system for sensitive site surveillance. It can supply drones with safe continuous energy, for up to 12 hours, at up to 150 meters. Main tasks : Mechanical and electrical design; realization of prototypes, 3D printing, electrical wiring, PCBs; assembly and testing; production launch. Software used : Solidworks (CAO), Eagle, Cambam, Cura, IDE Arduino, visual studio code.

2015 - 2016 (1 year)

Project: Designing drones and building
Working on my own project, self-education. Mouans-Sartoux, France.

Projet_cvI especially designed a quadcopter for aerial video. I used SolidWorks to create a simple and foldable design which can be easily machined. I also spent some time on minimizing vibrations and tuning the PID controller to get smooth videos. I got experience with the ArduPilot software to set up automatic flight modes (return to home in case of signal lost, follow a waypoint track..). I also worked on applications such as 3D reconstruction by photogrammetry using Agisoft PhotoScan. I was able to 3D reconstruct an house with an under 5 cm precision from GoPro shots.

Apr. - Sep. 2015 (~ 5,5 months)

LAAS-CNRS (Laboratoire d'analyse et d'architecture des systèmes)
Intern in the Antonio Franchi’s team. Toulouse, France.

Logo_Laas_Carnot Perception and estimation for dynamic interaction with a drone. The case study was “catching a ball thrown in the air with a drone” using only embedded sensors. I developed a stereovision camera and a software in order to estimate the 3D trajectory of the ball from the drone. Simulations performed using Matlab and software developed in C++ using OpenCV and ROS (Robot Operating System).

Feb. - July 2014 (~ 5,5 months)

NII (National Institute of Informatics)
Intern at the Sugimoto lab. Tokyo, Japan.

nii_logo 3D reconstruction of large scenes, using an RGB-D camera. I worked on a compact representation method of 3D point clouds, adapted to large scenes including free form objects. The method had to perform the reconstruction in real time, accurately with limited memory resources. Project developed in C++ using OpenCV and OpenGL libraries, but also g2o library (General Graph Optimization) and CGAL (Computational Geometry Algorithms Library).

May - July 2013 (~ 3 months)

ISIR (Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique) – UPMC
Intern in the Pascal Morin's team. Paris, France.

isirDevelopment of a C software on a microcontroller in order to perform real time acquisition on a quadrotor IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). Comparison of two different IMUs, using ROS (Robot Operating System) for the data recording and Python for the data processing.

2011 - 2012 (1 year)

CanSat Contest
Participation within a Grenoble INP – PHELMA school project

cansat_FR_lParticipation in the CanSat contest supervised by the CNES (National Center for Space Studies). The objective was to create a satellite, in the volume of a can, which had to accomplish different missions such as atmospheric sounding during its parachute drop. My team was ranked 3rd and won the « Jury Favorites Prize ».

Aug. 2012 (4 weeks)

Snecma (SAFRAN)
Intern. Evry-Corbeil, France.

Africa21_Q Vers2Ensuring receipts and shipments of engine parts in the military store (handling and logistics).

IT skills
OS GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows
Programming languages C/C++ (and OpenCV/OpenGL libraries), Python, VHDL, LaTeX, HTML/CSS
Maths Matlab/Simulink
Mechanics SolidWorks, COMSOL Multiphysics
Electronics Analog and digital electronics, Arduino implementation
Drone embedded software ArduPilot, OpenPilot
3D reconstruction / photogrammetry Agisoft PhotoScan, Pix4D
Photo / video Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro
English Fluent. BULATS score: 65 (test date: 12/12/2013). European level B2. Training in presentations, meetings, report writing.
Italian A2 Basic
Japanese A1 Basic
French Native speaker
Other Information
Hobbies Drone/airplane modeling, robotics (participation in the Eurobot junior French contest with my high school robotics club, my team won the European cup in 2007), photo/video/time-lapse production (using a Canon 700D and Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom / Premiere Pro).
Sports Climbing (weekly, in a specialized club), yoga (weekly), hiking (2 years in a mountaineering club in Grenoble), mountain biking (3 years in a specialized club), rollerblading, snowboarding, juggling.
  • B - Driving License
  • Brevet théorique ULM (French theoretical Ultralight Aviation License, also required to fly drones for commercial purposes)